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Why GfG?

Why GfG?

Gas detectors

There is an abundance of gas detection technology available today and from a multitude of manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. So how do you decide what equipment to buy and who to buy it from?

This is probably a question we ask ourselves with the majority of purchases we make whether it is for business or pleasure. How often do we decide to pick quality over quantity and performance over price? If we are honest, probably quite often so long as our budget allows it because we need to know that what we are buying will do the job we need it to do and give us the reliability we need.

When it comes to potentially life-saving equipment the decisions we make during the buying process are extremely important. Ultimately, lives depend on these decisions, so getting this purchase right is vital. Is the equipment exactly what you need? Will it be reliable? Am I going to get the support I need and when I need it? How is this going to fit in with my business budget?


Let GfG set your mind at rest

We are the manufacturer: We hold our hands up, we are not the world’s biggest manufacturer of gas detection technology. But, the largest remaining independent manufacturer. This doesn’t mean that we don’t have some of the best technology in our products. Our team of R&D specialists work tirelessly to ensure that our equipment is made from the best components to deliver optimum performance and reliability. You may or may not know, but, GfG was the first company to create a handheld gas detection device, so, we have had the leading edge over our competition since day one when it comes to what someone needs from their gas detection equipment. Buying direct from the manufacturer means that there is no third party involved. We know our equipment and our aftersales support is second to none.

We are flexible: GfG is proud of its flexible approach to supplying gas detection equipment. We don’t just supply ‘off the shelf’ products, but, if that’s what you need – then that’s what we do. What if you have more complex needs? There is rarely a ‘one solution fits all’ to complex working environments which is why we offer a free site survey and gap analysis of your business. From here on in we can create a bespoke gas detection solution that offers your workforce and facility the ultimate protection from potential gas hazards. We will work with your Health and Safety team to ensure that every aspect of your gas detection needs is met for your risk assessment requirements and quality management processes.

GfG “TOTALCare”: Following on from our flexible supply approach, we have applied the same philosophy to our aftersales care. We can offer tailored to suit preventative maintenance packages that meet your requirements, for a duration you desire and we guarantee that there will be no hidden costs. For complete peace of mind, accidental damage can also be covered in your package, plus, we will remind you when your bi-annual service is due and can arrange to collect and deliver your equipment from any location in the UK. If you can’t be without your gas detection equipment, we can arrange a ‘Duration of Service’ hire instrument or even come to your premises and carry out servicing on site.

Buy, hire or lease: Gas detection equipment is essential, but, every business has its own budgetary constraints to work within. With the option to buy, hire or lease GfG equipment and include the cost of your service plan in your package, All companies should have the ability to provide this life-saving equipment regardless of budget, cash flow and circumstance. Our flexible approach to every client’s needs enables GfG to make it easier for purchasing essential safety equipment.


If you would like to find out more about GfG, what we do and how we can help you, why not contact our team of specialists. We are always on hand to give help and advice and we always seek to offer the best solution for YOUR needs and YOUR budget. We want to form long term working partnerships with our clients right from the outset which means that we operate in an advisory manner without the hard sales push to go with it that so many people find uncomfortable. If you like what we can offer, great! If not – there are no hard feelings but don’t be afraid to ask us again in the future.