Below, we’ve outlined some of the frequently asked questions we get when it comes to service and calibration of gas detection instruments.

If there’s any questions you have that haven’t been answered below, then please feel free to contact us. Likewise, if you’ve already sent us your instrument and would like to discuss an ongoing service/calibration, email or call us on: 01376 561463

We would always recommend you download your data from the instrument. We would hope that the data will continue on the instrument, however there are sometimes software updates and we can’t always guarantee that the information will stay on your device. So we’d hope to keep everything on the device, however it would be best if you downloaded all information from the instrument before sending to us.

With our total care package we aim to provide a replacement instrument whilst yours is with us. Through our total care package, we make sure you can keep working and you don’t suffer from any down time. We also have a great selection of instruments which you can hire from us, if you’d like to try something different.

There are a few ways to send your instrument to us for servicing or calibration. You can do this by downloading and filling in the form found here on our website. Once this is complete, make sure your instrument is packed up (safely and with as much packaging as you can find) and remember to secure your filled out form inside the package.
Something else to think about:

Please ensure that all parts of the instrument are included, i.e. leads and power cables.

You can either send the device to us, we’ll service/calibrate and then send back to you. Alternatively, we can pick the instrument up and return it to you.

The cost of calibrating and servicing instruments varies according to how complex the instrument and procedure involved is.
Calibration prices start from £30.

We endeavour to return your instrument within five working days of receiving it (excluding weekends and bank holidays) except where faults are detected or repairs are necessary. If there are any delaying factors, such as discovering a fault or the need to order replacement parts, we will let you know the cost and the expected turnaround time.

If you have an urgent requirement for a service or calibration, please contact our Service Team on Tel: 01376 561463 or email: and we will try our best to accommodate your request. Please note, there may be a premium charged for this service, however, we will always submit a quotation prior to commencing any works.

We recommend that you aim to get your instrument serviced/calibrated every 180 days and this doesn’t depend on your level of usage.
If you feel you’d need to do this more that once a year, we can accommodate this. There’s times where you’ll drop the device or it’ll take a knock, you may want to make sure all is working before you attend another job.

All of the work we carry out is certified and your instrument will be issued with a certificate which will have an expiration date so you can forward plan for your next service/calibration.

If your instrument fails calibration a quotation will be sent to for the parts and labour required to rectify the situation. No work will be done until the quotation is approved and an order number supplied. Our turnaround times for repairs are normally very quick but if you do need an instrument to use straight away an alternative can be arranged immediately with our Hire Department.

Calibration is the activity of checking, by comparison with a set standard and the accuracy of measurement. This could also include us adjusting the instrument to meet the safety comparison, which will then give correct readings.
We certainly think calibration is an important task to carry out and something you should look to do every 180 days. Your device may take a knock or face an electrical surge which could knock the reading out, by a small amount or completely.

Whilst using your instrument, there are a few things that can damage the accuracy of the given reading. Whether you drop or knock the device, or if left in extreme temperatures for a prolonged period of time, there could be minor changes in the detection of gases. As your instrument is an important part of your safety equipment, we believe this needs to be accurate and calibration and servicing is definitely a way of making sure your readings are kept accurate.