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In April 2018, a BSIF Special Interest Group formed to look at detection, measurement and monitoring instrumentation and their initial campaign to increase awareness for the need to ‘Bump Test’ gas monitors with their ‘Bump It’ campaign.   The remit was to produce a single page document to highlight the need for gas testing all […]

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New G888 Multi-Gas Detector

The G888 is currently the smallest and lightest available multi-gas detector with optional Bluetooth or radio communication module. Using proven sensor technology, GfG instrument features and a wide range of sensors ensures most industry safety requirements are covered. Once switched on, the instrument runs through an electronics and sensor test and then into operation mode. 3 […]

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Where should I wear my portable gas detector?

Many workers have to wear portable gas detection equipment to ensure their safety from harmful gases and vapours. In many of these instances, workers are also required to wear safety clothing, personal protective equipment and respiratory protective equipment and knowing where to place your gas detector amongst all of this PPE and RPE is important. […]

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Why we need legislation to make the installation and use of gas detection equipment compulsory

There is currently no legislation that applies to the installation and use of gas detection equipment in the UK. At GFG our entire philosophy revolves around the safety and protection of the workforce, the business, and the public, that is why we put our heart and soul into creating the best gas detection equipment we […]

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Why we need to measure Carbon Dioxide (CO2) for personal safety

What is Carbon Dioxide? Carbon Dioxide is a gas we all breathe in, but it is also widely used in many industries in concentrated amounts. The food industry uses CO2 for carbonated drinks, the oil industry uses it for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and chemical industries for a variety of reasons and in much higher […]

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