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Is Your Business Protected From Gas Hazards?

Many businesses across a wide range of industries need to ensure that their workforce and their facilities are protected from potential gas hazards. For most, these hazards are obvious, but for some, the potential for a gas-related incident is not as self-evident and there is the potential for accidents to happen.   Changes to EH40 […]

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Protect your workforce from Chlorine Dioxide exposure

Chlorine Dioxide or CLO2 is commonly used in the disinfection of water across a variety of processes and industries. It is a powerful oxidizing agent that dissolves on contact with cold water which is why it is so widely used throughout water treatment plants, food and beverage production and paper processing. However, Chlorine Dioxide is […]

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If Gas detection technology exists, why are there still accidents?

Mercifully, there are few workplace fatalities due to exposure to atmospheric hazards in the UK each year. Advances in gas detection equipment and a growing awareness for the need to use this technology to protect the workforce have helped tremendously, but, it begs the question that if this technology exists, why are there still accidents? […]

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In April 2018, a BSIF Special Interest Group formed to look at detection, measurement and monitoring instrumentation and their initial campaign to increase awareness for the need to ‘Bump Test’ gas monitors with their ‘Bump It’ campaign.   The remit was to produce a single page document to highlight the need for gas testing all […]

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New G888 Multi-Gas Detector

The G888 is currently the smallest and lightest available multi-gas detector with optional Bluetooth or radio communication module. Using proven sensor technology, GfG instrument features and a wide range of sensors ensures most industry safety requirements are covered. Once switched on, the instrument runs through an electronics and sensor test and then into operation mode. 3 […]

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