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New G999 7 gas multi detector

New G999 7 gas multi detector

The G999 is a small, light, rugged gas detector with a wireless module and integrated suction pump. 5 sensor slots allow you to detect 7 gases simultaneously warning users of hazards due to toxic and flammable gases and vapours as well as oxygen depletion and enrichment.

It is easy to operate and has a large, easy to read display area which can be rotated 180 degrees enabling it to be read in any position that it is worn. The display zoom function ensures easy visibility of readings without the need for glasses or if other restrictive PPE is being worn. The clear traffic light warning system gives the wearer vital information at a glance; green indicating all safe, yellow – caution – a low alarm level has been activated and red indicates danger due to high alarm levels.

The G999 allows you to use a combination of pre-calibrated plug-in sensors which are detected automatically. The sensors have a long service life with a high measuring accuracy and there are numerous different possible sensor configurations. With only one IR measurement chamber, the G999 can precisely detect carbon dioxide, methane, propane and acetylene (Hydrocarbons) at the same time.

The G999’s wireless technology means that data is being constantly transmitted to your control centre giving operations managers precise information about any hazards their workforce are being exposed to as well as the ability to see when the detector is in motion and which angle the display is positioned at. The added feature of a dead man warning means that help and assistance can be mobilised immediately in an emergency and the detector range of 100m can be extended to 1500m if required.

Additional features such as an integrated lamp can help to illuminate dark spaces eliminating the need for additional equipment to be carried and the suction pump has the capability to intake gases at a distance of up to 50 meters.

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