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New G888 Multi-Gas Detector

New G888 Multi-Gas Detector

The G888 is currently the smallest and lightest available multi-gas detector with optional Bluetooth or radio communication module. Using proven sensor technology, GfG instrument features and a wide range of sensors ensures most industry safety requirements are covered.

detect 7 gases

Once switched on, the instrument runs through an electronics and sensor test and then into operation mode. 3 buttons for easy operation, the main functions are controlled with a simple keystroke so that the peak display, LED lamp, alarm reset, display zoom and rotating display are easy to access.

The G888 clear graphic display can be rotated through 180 degrees enabling it to be read in any position it is worn. The zoom function negates the need for reading glasses and allows for easy viewing if other PPE is being worn.  It allows for safe and easy reading leaving hands free for other tasks. A traffic light warning system is used; Green indicates all is safe. Yellow indicates caution, a low alarm level has been activated and Red, the high alarm level has been activated.


The G888 has a “man down” alarm which can be individually set for the time interval when the alarm is to be triggered so that in critical situations, no time is lost while initiating essential rescue measures. Live data can be sent via the radio module to the central GfG link or can be uploaded to a smartphone app via Bluetooth ensuring that all personnel safety can be monitored remotely by an off-site official.

The G888 has been commended by independent committees for its technical innovation and simple design, making it one of the easiest portable gas detectors to use. Lightweight, rugged and robust, the G888 is the ideal gas detector for all mobile personnel to ensure the highest levels of safety without the inconvenience of cumbersome equipment.

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