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Is Your Business Protected From Gas Hazards?

Is Your Business Protected From Gas Hazards?

Many businesses across a wide range of industries need to ensure that their workforce and their facilities are protected from potential gas hazards. For most, these hazards are obvious, but for some, the potential for a gas-related incident is not as self-evident and there is the potential for accidents to happen.


Changes to EH40 Workplace Exposure Limits

Exposure to hazardous gases and the effects these can have on the workforce is constantly being monitored by health and safety officials. Not only can exposure to gas hazards have an instant effect, they can also have an impact on long term occupational health and it is these scenarios that resulted in the changes we saw last year to the EH40/2005 Workplace Exposure Limits Regulations.


Gas Detection Regulations

Because gas detection does not have its own set of regulations, there is always room for error when it comes to adequate monitoring of the atmosphere in the workplace. There are no real specifics about the type of gas detection equipment needed, where it should be positioned, whether a mix of fixed and portable equipment is essential and how this equipment should be monitored and maintained. Where there is a grey area, there is room for error and this can lead to incidents that could have devastating results.


How do you Know if Your Business is Sufficiently Protected?

The answer to this is that you possibly don’t know that you have covered all bases when it comes to your gas detection needs. There are still some businesses that are unaware of the changes to EH40 regs and are yet to alter alarm levels or are unaware that they are now obliged to monitor the atmosphere for gas hazards due to the changes in Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) and Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs). Although many businesses have Health and Safety professionals that are constantly monitoring risk in the workplace, specialists in gas detection may well be able to provide a tighter system when it comes to exposure to workplace gas hazards.


How Can GfG Help?

One of the services we offer is a FREE Gap Analysis of your business premises and working practices to establish whether you have adequate gas detection protection and if the equipment you have is being used to provide optimum protection where it is needed. Our specialists have decades of experience in protecting facilities globally and keeping workforces safe. They are up to date with legislative changes and technology and can offer you the best solutions for workforce safety. Not only is this service free, but there is also no obligation to buy all or any of the equipment suggested. It could just be an exercise you perform to ensure that your Health and Safety obligations are fully covered and an opportunity to review your equipment maintenance protocol.


How do I Book My Free Site Audit?

Simply get in touch with us and make your appointment! This really is a service that is worth taking up as it can form part of your health and safety best practice policy and be included in your company’s risk assessment. You can either email us at, call us on 01376 741599 or go to our website for further information: