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Coal, Steel & Power

Coal, Steel & Power

The gas detection industry has its’ origins in mining. GfG was the first company to produce an electronic gas detector for detection of methane in mines way back in 1961.

Modern mining has very strict regulations which require the use of portable gas detectors.

Workers in steel plants must wear carbon monoxide detectors at all times as this is a manor hazard in steel production. In addition, blast furnaces must be equipped with hydrogen detection equipment.For leak control, suitable portable gas detectors must be used, to give rapid warning of explosive and toxic gas leaks.

GfG products that are used here

Portable gas detectors
Microtector II G450 4-gas detector

Microtector II G460 7-gas detector

MICRO IV Single-gas detector for toxic gases, hydrogen and oxygen

Fixed gas detection systems
Permanently installed control equipment with gas detection transmitters for different gases

A selection of UK Customers, who use GfG products in this industrial sector

  • NCB
  • Tata Steel
  • EDF Energy
  • GE Grid Systems
  • Centrica