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GFG partner with Moog Aircraft to create a safer working environment

GFG partner with Moog Aircraft to create a safer working environment

It’s funny really how things turn out. We met Paul Kingscott (Facilities and Maintenance Manager at Moog Aircraft) at the Health and Safety Event at the NEC. He was walking past and our products caught his eye, most especially as he had just been let down by his then current gas detection equipment supplier.  As with anyone who casts an eye over our products at these events, we stopped to have a chat with Paul and the rest, as they say, is history!


Moog has been supplying advanced engineering and technologies to the Military and Civil Aircraft market for over six decades. Their products are found on leading commercial aircrafts and the most sophisticated military aircrafts across the globe. Their Wolverhampton based factory produces these aircraft components and as such, there is a requirement for sophisticated gas detection equipment to protect employees and the facility itself. Gases are used in the manufacturing process of these components, so it was necessary to look at equipment that could protect Moog employees at the workface as well as monitor the areas where these gases are stored.


As the facility at Moog is complex and we wanted to ensure that we covered all eventualities, we carried out a site survey in the initial stages. From this survey, we were able to assess the company’s needs and provided Moog with visualisations and drawings that clearly showed our recommendations for equipment and it’s locations. Paul was delighted with the presentation and agreed to go ahead with the installation of CO2 sensors for fire protection gases in the pump room and an Ammonia detection system for a gas bottle store. The pump room is vast with multiple entrances so we suggested a stop/go traffic light system at each of the entrances which would mean that authorised personnel entering the area through key coded doors could be aware if there was a gas incident in the area before entering. This traffic light system was also used for the entrance to the bottle store and gave Moog assurance that all employees were protected from any exposure to harmful gases.


Using specialist installers, the detection equipment and traffic light systems were installed and we then commissioned the system to ensure that it was working correctly. Once this was completed to our satisfaction we held an operator training session so that all personnel were aware of the systems and the safe use and operation of them.  We service and calibrate the systems every six months and are on hand 24/7 in case the company needs any help.


Moog have been working with the GFG detection system now for almost six months and we are happy to report that their systems are working as anticipated and the company’s employees have found it easy to use, giving them peace of mind when working in a potentially volatile environment. Moog has decided to use GFG detection equipment in other areas of their business due to the success of this initial installation which speaks volumes about the equipment, service and support GFG offer. We value Moog’s custom and are delighted to be working in partnership with them to ensure the safety of their business and employees.